pencil after Theodore Gericault's Two horses, a study for the Adelphi Wharf

Successful visual abbreviations rely on context, on our animal need to complete, to comprehend, to resolve. The not-so-animal needs of hope and belief can make much of almost nothing at all. An improbable crush of bodies, exaggerated muscles, and contorted space are forgiven...all you must do is believe in the realities of ground and movement promised by only a few lines.  

That jump from comprehension to belief will be facilitated by a masterful touch.  Click on the link above to see the practiced hand in the original. If you know the the whorl in the lower right hand corner in is a horse, then you've already made the leap. And Gericault has filled the void beneath you with a world to believe in, rather than one that doesn't exist.

Mastery isn't yet in my drawings, but at least I know what I'm looking for.
And I'm drawing the book. Won't you play along?


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